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´╗┐Travellers wear all their clothes at once to avoid a Scoot airline baggage weight fine on a flight from Singapore to Clomid Australia Price Sydney

Airportsthese days sure are cold (Picture: Reddit / Stou)

Two travellers were spotted looking a little over dressed in a Singapore Airport, but their reasoning Buy Viagra Uk Lloyds Pharmacy is pure genius.

Reddit user who uploaded the photo, said the trouble shooting pair were told their carry on luggage exceeded the weight allowance on their Scoot flight from Singapore to Cheap Uk Viagra Suppliers Sydney, and they would face a$130 (77) fine.

However, quick thinking and Buy Kamagra Cheap a complete disregard for their appearance meantthe two friends, believed to be from San Francisco, decided to wear all the clothes they were carrying to escape the financial penalty.

When he sawthe two start to don their ridiculous outfits, the airline employee reportedlysaid: am going to come to the gate and make sure Clomid Nz you are still wearing everything. going to Australia guys are the woolly hats really necessary?

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